School of Education: Diversity Office

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  • School of Education at Equally Divine
    School of Education seniors enjoy the performance of Equally Divine by The Core Ensemble on 3/27/18 in celebration of Women's History Month at the University.
    Another scene from Equally Divine:
    The male actor plays Mona Lisa when the painting was stolen and hidden for years and is telling the real story of its capture.
    Culturally Responsive Teaching
    Scene from Equally Divine:
    The Story of the Real Mona Lisa performed by The Core Ensemble for School of Education seniors majoring in elementary, secondary, and special education.
    School of Education Symposium
    Keynote Speaker, Dr. Ethel Scurlock talks to the audience about the impact of Rosenwald Schools on the African American community.
    School of Education Symposium
    Dr. Kenya Wolff discusses her poster about Anti-Bias Curriculum for early childhood students with a Symposium participant.