School of Education: Diversity Office

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  • Everyone wrote a personal inclusion strategy that could be implemented once they left the walk and exchanged strategies with someone they didn’t know.
    The walk begins! Faculty, staff, and students link arms as they head to Guyton.
    SOE faculty, staff, and students participate in a debrief session with MS Civil Rights Museum staff after touring the museum.
    Culturally Responsive Teaching
    Cristina Aguilar shares her story of inclusion and exclusion at The Choose to Include Walk.
    Student speakers: Arielle Hudson, Katie Mullins, Zaina Waheed, Reann Parker and Austyn Jones pose for a pic after sharing their powerful stories at the walk.

“The University of Mississippi School of Education will promote and celebrate diversity and commit ourselves for the long term. In doing so, we recognize that we must constantly change as we prepare students for the future. We also recognize that progress is sometimes made in a day, but often requires months and years. The School of Education embraces within its campus culture those values and experience that enrich the human understanding. We choose to be a school where civil discourse triumphs over ignorance. We chose to be a school that prepares our students for participation in a world that may transcend geographic borders but embraces the unique identity of each individual.” – Dr. Karen V. Davidson Smith